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Water Use Efficiency in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin

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Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin is the most extensive river system in Australia Rubicon Water is a global technology company. We provide integrated solutions to increase agricultural productivity through improved water use efficiency. Our technology has played a key role in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. We have provided precision water management tools for water management authorities and farmers. Rubicon…


Helping to ‘Yield Prophet’ for Growers across Australia

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Exciting improvements are on the horizon for existing decision support tools in Australia. These improvements will further assist growers with on-farm decision making particularly around water and nutrient management, helping to ‘Yield Prophet for growers across Australia Grain growers across Australia – both dryland and irrigated – sometimes struggle with making informed decisions around how…

From big tape to big data: the Digital Farming Age

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Going from big tape to big data with satellites helped us enter the ‘Digital Farming Age’. And now the COALA project benefits from this heritage. The beginning of satellite images of Earth’s land surface The systematic acquisition of satellite images of land surface started in 1972 with the U.S. Landsat program. With this data-stream, it…


Copernicus: an agricultural helper from space

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How does Copernicus, a program for satellites become an agricultural helper from space, and help us with agriculture here on Earth? In UNSW’s last blog ‘Copernicus: a Sentinel in space teaches us about land and the environment’ we talked about how satellites can help us learn more about processes on the ground, here we will…