COALA QGIS plugin Guide

This plugin provides a quick download of H2020 COALA products from BOKU server and allows the visualisation directly in QGIS.

It has been developed under Horizion 2020 research and innovation programme grant agreement No. 870518.

All the products have been derived from Sentinel data. Available indicators are:

  • ndvi
  • fcover
  • lai
  • ndmi
  • str
  • et (Crop evapotranspiration [mm])
  • cwr (Crop water requirements [mm])


The guide includes the following steps:

  • Download and install “COALA Downloader” QGIS plugin
  • How to use it in QGIS
  • Plugin usage example

Step 1. Download and install "COALA Downloader" QGIS plugin

  • Download the zipfile of COALA plugin from github page here.
  • To install the COALA Downloader QGIS plugin, go to “Plugins” in QGIS and choose “Manage and install plugins”. Then click “Install from ZIP” and choose the downloaded file on your PC.

Step 2. How to use it in QGIS

A token is required in order to use the plugin. If you don’t have a token yet, you can send an email to

You can use the test token valid for selected tiles over Australia to test the plugin. For more details, please look at the on the github page.

After clicking on the plugin icon in the toolbar, the plugin form opens.

You can require the data for a single polygon of a layer available in the layer tree of your QGIS project.

  • Select the polygon layer  from the list of available layers shown in the combo box.
  • Select a single polygon  of the selected layer.

Requested polygon must have not more than 50 vertexes and the total area must be smaller than 50 hectares.

The polygon is automatically selected in the QGIS window and, eventually, you can click the “Zoom in” button to zoom in to the selected polygon extent.

  • Insert your  token.
  • Choose an  indicator.
  • Click “Get available dates“. The plugin retrieves all the available dates for the selected area and indicator.
  • Now you can  select a date  from the combobox and click “Download tiff“.

Step 3. Plugin usage example

Below an example for retrieving crop water requirement on a selected polygon.