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Pilot Demonstration and Evaluation

The pilot cases of COALA include locations and users in both dryland (rainfed) and irrigated farms. Dryland and irrigated farms have distinctive features in crop types and cropping calendars. Whereas dryland cropping area (Pilot 1) is cultivated typically with grains, canola and other crops such as lentils, faba beans, peas, vetch, etc., typically between May and December (Australian Winter) occasionally supplemented by irrigation, irrigated farms (Pilots 2, 3 and 4) grow crops of higher price such as maize, cotton, rice, sorghum, and vegetables between October and April (Australian Summer).

1) Pilot 1: BCG Dryland Cropping Farmers;

2) Pilot 2: Irrigated Farms in the Goulburn-Murray region;

3) Pilot 3: Irrigation Research Extension Committee (IREC)

4) Pilot 4: Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.