COALA H2020 Project

Copernicus-based information service for irrigation and nutrient management for the Australian agricultural systems


Services for Smart Irrigation & Fertilization

Create and implement intelligent irrigation monitoring and fertilization management services tailored to the Australian agricultural landscape.


Earth Observation added value products integrated with non-space inputs

Development of a groundbreaking, physics-based model for crop evapotranspiration, crop nutritional status and yield utilizing the complete spectrum of Sentinel-2 data.

COALA enabling Platform and DIAS integration

COALA enabling Platform and DIAS integration

Application Programming Interface and Cloud Computing infrastructure, facilitating real-time computation of advanced Earth Observation products tailored for Australian users. Innovative services and data that seamlessly integrate with your well-established software tool


Pilot deployment, calibration and demonstration of services

Calibration and Validation of the services and products in an open environment to achieve a high level of acceptance from users. Innovative EO based product ready for the integration with other non-EO data;

COALA in Brief

Our Mission is Big

Our Challenging Objectives


Deploy on Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) environment that provide a continuous flow of EO-assisted information in the pilot use cases.

EO-assisted Services

Pre-operational services established that provide a continuous flow of EO-assisted services for different users

New Brand

Create the new product identity, build the brand, design the strategy and develop the marketing and policy activities that will introduce COALA solutions to its targeted customers


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COALA's status

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