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The COALA Business Model: creating a successful model

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A business model can be seen as a holistic framework through which any business is defined, understood, and designed. It allows you to map out how ongoing value for your customers can be created. The COALA business model The COALA Business model tries to comprehensively capture the characteristics of and relationships between fundamental “building blocks”….


Curating a COALA data centre in earth observation.

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The curation of a COALA data centre is essential as access to information in real-time (or as close to as possible) is very high on the wish list of farmers and agricultural practitioners. Agriculturalists are looking for more efficient and effective ways to manage nutrients and water in their paddocks. In the first year of the…

D7.2 : Data Management Plan n.1

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The Data Management Plan aims to make the research data collected, processed or generated by Horizon 2020 (H2020) projects accessible with as few restrictions as possible, while at the same time protecting sensitive data from inappropriate access and respecting Intellectual Property Rules.