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Our work packages

The project activities are grouped in 8 Work-packages by similar themes, and the competent partner heads each group.
Each work-package represents the part of the project carried out by the responsible and competent partner in that matter. Still, the collaborations and relationships between different work packages and various partners are evident.
In turn, each work-package is divided into tasks, also these in a horizontal and vertical relationship with each other

Stakeholder Analysis and User’s requirements


  • Early engagement with the end user community, to understand their information and knowledge needs, seeking to enhance understanding of the value that COALA services can provide when integrated at the level of the user.
  • Joint design services and/or products underpinned by Copernicus data and DIAS platform, responding to local user needs; in tandem enhancing Copernicus global product quality.
  • To produce service specifications for Copernicus-based products that can easily be incorporated within existing end users routine tasks and/or workflows.

EO added value products and integration with other space or non-space inputs

  • To establish sustainable supply chains for innovative EO value added products and services for irrigation (and nutrient) management and yield prediction from farm to district/basin scale
  • To address new or improved products, processes or services stemming from the use of Earth observation and their integration with third-party data (including in-situ data);
  • To develop algorithms, services and/or products to enhance the Copernicus global product quality for water (nutrient) and yield.

WP Timing

WP Timing


COALA enabling Platform and DIAS integration


  • To develop the COALA processing environment using Copernicus Data and Information Access Services with the aim of facilitating the access to Copernicus data and information for Australian users;
  • To address new or improved processes or services stemming from the use of Earth observation and their smart integration at the level of the user with other related technologies;
  • To exploit the added value of the combination of EO technologies and new frontiers opened by cloud computing

Pilot deployment, calibration and demonstration of services

  • To openly validate and demonstrate the commercial value of COALA services to a wider user/client community;
  • To achieve a high level of acceptance from users of innovative EO based product and their integration with other non-EO data;
  • To calibrate services and products in an open environment

WP Timing

WP Timing


Business planning and innovation management

  • Analyse the Australian target market and conclude on suitable business models for the commercial rollout and uptake of the COALA Services.
  • Validate the business models with Australian Water Authorities, Agricultural Stakeholders and pilot end-users.
  • Develop a business plan for the COALA services to guide their launch to the Australian market and safeguard their long-term commercial sustainability beyond the lifespan of the project.
  • Define the Innovation and IPR Management Strategy of the project.
  • Successfully capture and manage emerging innovative ideas during project implementation.

Dissemination and enabling environment

  • To design and develop an outreach strategy, and associated plans and activities, for impact maximisation of project outputs
  • To promote and foster adoption by end users of validated Copernicus products within relevant sectoral markets of Australia
  • Awareness raising of the global potential of COALA outputs for advancing selected targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, within scientific, practitioners and decision makers communities.

WP Timing

WP Timing


Project management and coordination

  • Management of project and consortium: monitor and report project progress; safeguard effective coordination and collaboration among project partners.
  • Ensure the fulfilment of the overall goals set by the project, within time and budget constraints.
  • Reassure quality and on-time delivery of project results and deliverables.
  • Produce progress (periodic and final) reports.
  • Organise and run project dissemination activities and events, ensuring continuous communication and engagement with stakeholders in the course of COALA as well as driving the development of an enabling environment, favourable to the adoption and sustainability of project outcomes beyond its life-time.

Ethics requirements


  • The objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.

WP Timing

WP Timing

Supporting the sustainable use of water & nutrients

The services of COALA will be put to the test, openly demonstrated and validated through four different Australian pilot cases which will be implemented
(opzionale, da aggiungere): COALA aims to Improving on-farm profitability and to Encouraging sustainable use of water & nutrients from space