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Water managers sharing experience is key to success.

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Role of ANBI Campania and its contribution to the COALA project, and the need for experienced water managers ANBI Campania (Italy) is one of the two European Water User Association partners in the COALA Project. ANBI transfers its experience as a European final user of satellite-based decision support systems.  This blog collects the thoughts of…

Educational Resources

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COALA is currently working with educational providers such as the NSW Department of Education to develop educational resources about agriculture, remote sensing and earth observation. We will update this page regularly as more resources are developed.


Earth Observation: Remote sensing and systems

  • Carlo De Michele
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For almost 150 years people have recognised the advantages of getting a little distance between them and what they are studying. This is a technique we call ‘remote sensing’. “Remote Sensing” means that a measurement is taken remotely, without physical contact. The first people to do remote sensing were balloonists in the 1840s. They floated…

Water and nutrient management in Australia

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Creating business value from data This blog contribution on water and nutrient management is from White Research. White Research (WR) is a social research and consulting subject matter expert. We specialise in consumer behaviour, market analysis, business planning and innovation management.  During the past few months, the COALA team has been closely working together with Australian stakeholders…

From big tape to big data: the Digital Farming Age

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Going from big tape to big data with satellites helped us enter the ‘Digital Farming Age’. And now the COALA project benefits from this heritage. The beginning of satellite images of Earth’s land surface The systematic acquisition of satellite images of land surface started in 1972 with the U.S. Landsat program. With this data-stream, it…