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Agricultural Technology. Anthony Rudd, a well known agronomist interviewed by COALA

Agricultural Technology in Australia; In conversation with Anthony Rudd

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COALA prides itself on its connection with on-the-ground experts, and Anthony Rudd is a perfect example of this role. We spoke with Rudd about agricultural technology (AgTech) in Australia and how Aussie growers use this agricultural data. When Rudd speaks, you can tell he lives and breathes Australian agriculture. Rudd is the managing director of…


Agtech in Australia

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Agriculture in Australia Agriculture has enormous social and monetary value in Australia. Farmers grow over 90% of Australia’s domestic food supply at home, employing more than 2% of the national workforce. Australia’s population is growing steadily —at about 1.4 % per year— driving demand for Aussie-grown produce. However, a recent report raises concerns about the…