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The Stakeholders of COALA services can be identified in three different categories:


Authorities, such as River Basin Authority, Government, National Irrigation Plan Monitoring Office.

Irrigation Infrastructure Operation

Which is in charge of delivery of water for irrigation (water managers at district irrigation scheme or diversion level)


Small and large-scale agri-businesses, agro-consulting firms, agronomists, etc

To date they have already joined the project:
– BCG (dryland cropping mostly)
– Rubicon
Others Farmers are in the process of joining the project.

Farmers aim at improving the water productivity (reducing water use to resell his water rights in excess): they define productivity of water with reference to the yield from their fields, which to them is dictated by the amount of water used for irrigation and nutrient management (fertirrigation).

Many IIO Water Manager in Australia are in talks to participate in the project

IIO Water Managers must be compliant with contractual and environmental constraints and limitation derived from availability of water resources (coming from basin plan). To this end they need several products such as: maps of crop water requirements, maps of irrigated areas, maps of crop vigour and other products derived from EO-data processing. This information should be aggregated over different temporal scales (weekly, monthly, etc.) and land management units (field, farm, district, etc.) to help water managers in their day by day tasks. From the water managers perspective, this information has t be aggregated at the irrigation district level in order to adequately plan the water allocation, in accordance with the water availability and basin plan.

We are involving some River Basin Authorities to participate in our project

River Basin Authorities aim at improving the management of the water resources to match water allocations with the actual crop water requirements to match the constrains of basin plan.

Segmentation of services Vs Final Users