March 2020

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Starting new activities and COVID-19 Restrictions

On March 2020 according to Gantt Chart project new activities have started: task 2.2, 2.3, 5.1, 6.2

Due to COVID-19 Coala Teams is evaluating which activities can be affected by restrictions.

Activities of WP1 go-ahead by remote: UoM and Rubicon provided information about Coleambally area and previous experience on research and application project in that area. Live demo on 23-03-2020 by Tim McClelland on the basic operation of the tool used by BCG for advising farmers called YieldProphet. The tool consists of a crop growth model (APSIM8) based on soil data, climatic data, plot rainfall and irrigation water and fertilizer applications.

And more…

  • The second Deliverable D7.2: Data Management Plan n.1 has been successfully submitted.
  • Video calls about the survey and interviews have been held



Dont'miss any update on

Coala and Earth observation

in Australia

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