April 2020

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Coping with the COVID-19

On April 2020 according to Gantt Chart project new activities have started: task 1.2, 3.1. The deliverable 6.3 has been successfully submitted on time.

Coala Teams is coping with the issues related to COVID 19.

The most critical activities refer to WP1 on stakeholder analysis and engagement. The impossibility of flight from Europe to Australia due to Covid-19, Australian partners, performed most of the WP1 activities. Until March the situation in AU was not so bad. Unfortunately, in April, also in Australia, the situation is quickly getting worst, the interviews and survey with stakeholders are done by phone. This slows down the work of the WP1.

Below a video which shows how the UNSW looks like given the lockdown of COVID.

And more…

  • The third Deliverable D6.3: Social media accounts and COALA Web Portal has been successfully submitted.
  • The final draft of the web page of COALA is ready to go live.
  • Task 1.2 Co-creation of COALA services and pilot use cases and Task 3.1 Analysis of the IT system requirements in terms of storage, processing and service support for the delivery of the EO added-value products started this month.